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New That might not be possible.
I have a feeling that the board only keeps the time when you marked everything read, and uses that. Now, once we get an NNTP filter here, you can just killfile anything you don't want...
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New Everything is possible.
Just a matter of practical or not. :-)

Each forum has a marked-read time for each person. Doing that by Thread would vastly increase the storage sizes.

-scott anderson
New I bet a killfile would be more efficient
Rather than marking a thread read, Kill it from my perspective. That way it stays out of my face, and the system only needs to keep track of a list of killed threads/userIDs for each user. And depending on how the list is allocated, it might not even be stored for those who don't use it.
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New The best that you could hope for
In doing this is using an additional byte per user, per thread. Thus if 200 people at one time or another opened an account on this board, and the board reached 1000 threads (easily once in full production), this would increase storage use to 200,000 bytes.

This also assumes that the data is set up so that it would only be a matter of adding a new field, which I seriously doubt. So this would mean adding another table all together which is keyed to both the thread number and user key. This easily increases the size by a multiple of at least 5 (assuming thread and user keys being kept as short integers).

Then you also have to consider the extra time that will be required for this lookup.

It's fine for me as is, though it might speed up users with modems a bit.
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It's only Monday, and that is already the dumbest question of the week.
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