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New Lynx - 2.7.1 OS/2 no workie
Hi Scott,

I just tried using Lynx 2.7.1 (a direct Gnu port) to look at zIWETHEY. I seemed to login correctly (no error), but never got a page indicating that I was logged in, and saw zillions of LRPDs when I looked at a forum. Attempting to re-login didn't accomplish anything - I wasn't asked for a username.

I wasn't using any other browser to look at zIWETHEY at the time, so it shouldn't be a caching issue (I don't think).

Is there a LRPD-approved Lynx I should try (assuming there's an OS/2 port)?

Lynx 2.7.1 generally works OK with IWeThey (on ezboard).

Thanks for any tips.

New Lynx doesn't work on Linux other
WTH changed? *bog* I haven't touched authentication at all.


Well, thanks for pointing that out.

-scott anderson
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