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New Conspiracy theory time
After thinking about this merger for a while, I came up with one semi-sane motivation.

One effect of this merger is to create a huge collection of obsolete platforms that are going to be phased out. Alpha, Mips, HP's old stuff, all of DEC's other stuff. These are all platforms waiting to be replaced with something.

What if Intel is secretly supporting part of this merger as a way to buy platform for IA-64? For Intel is makes perfect sense, HP is the one company that you can be sure will fully support IA-64 even if it doesn't turn out to be that good. By buying up the renments of old platforms, it can be sure that they all will have transistion plans over to IA-64. But doing so directly would be far outsides Intel's buisness charter.

Thus Intel makes some sort of secret agreement with HP to provide it support, money and cheap chips, and HP agrees to buy a bunch of dead platforms to make sure they all transistion to IA-64.

Jay Mehaffey
New BTW, MIPS isn't dead -- probably outsells P IV
just not on the server side. MIPS is extemely popular in embedded apps, especially for network processors. There are some pretty cool MIPS chips out there, with multiple processors on a die. PowerPC is probably the second most popular architecture for network processors, and Intel is trying to get into this with their XScale.

ARM also outsells Intel by a wide margin -- they're extremely dominant in cell phones (e.g. Nokia cell phones use TI chips with an ARM core + a TI DSP core) and becoming so in PDAs.

And, yes, on the conspiracy theory, well, the Inquirer has also raised similar issues. I think the Itanic and its successors will be dogs, so what may happen instead is that Intel/HP/Compaq lose market share to IBM/Sun (high end) and white box servers (P IV Xeon, AMD Hammer) on the low end.

Who is more interested in the lastest DSP's (TI's 320C2810/12) than Intel's lastest CPU
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