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New David Brock, "Blinded by the Right"
More tales of the Murican way of creative storytelling for convenience and profit.

Essentially he does a mea culpa - explaining how he went about assassinating Anita Hill's character (The Truth About Anita Hill - his opus IIRC) - back in the days before Scalia acquired a real under-study in every sense.

Terry Gross NPR interview with Brock.. He says he had an epiphany when working on a hatchet job on Hillary C. Just couldn't do it Again.. Has apologized to Anita Hill, etc. Mentions his own exaggerations in the "Troopergate" story, and other Clinton related 'creative history' projects he and his buddies were a schemin' on.

Very busy journalist, before and since. Just fell in with a bad crowd I guess. Heck maybe he decided that suicide would be preferable to havin' to write.. The Dubya Story? 'Course too - maybe he's a closet Demo, Wiccan and sorta bestial?

Well, so much for facts n' stuff - why there's just so Many of 'em !! (and so rarely 'corrected' while victim is still alive)

Kinda like - which decade M$ might ever er, pay something? But it's a bit late for this particular gig, Clarence bein one of the 5 Presidential Electors and such. Hmm do ya suppose that, given Dick's little near-death proclivities - that Clarence might.. nahhh, forget that.

Well then, maybe Anita could serve on that there All Your Faith-Based Belong-to allocations committee? Seein as how that's now OK -

But Dubya is still afraid that if we support that International project with birth control funds: they might be lyin about usin their *own money* to pay for abortions! So he's cuttin them off - only decent thing to do, o'course. We couldn't have a conflict of interest There.

But at least we know that the churches would never attach any sorta faith-test for their dispensations of govt. funds on behalf of all of us. That's comforting.


About full circle now - God & Mammon AND Creative Writers in a King-size Bed! and almost: on Tee Vee

(Now we know what to put on those 500 channels with nothing on!)

reportin the news
New "Blinded by the Right"
The man can just as easily be "Blinded by the Left". He obviously has a problem with the "vision" thing. Anything he says is equivalent to nothing being said.

Ever read Eric Hoffer - "The True Believer"? Nazis that became Communists, etc.
New Oh yes - but long ago. Hoffer early best anti-BS er around!
My take is/was - this guy has damaged functionality by any standards, but.. to leave one True-Believer game and immediately choose Another?

(not that right/left/ republican/democrat liberal/conservative actually *mean* anything, if they ever did): like 'Christians' - ya can believe n+1 variants and still call self one - no one knows what even the ordinary er partisan game players mean, whether C. or political:

But this guy - is irregularly irregular. He may.. be relating certain events as 'truthfully' as he can (?) got a litmus test for sincerity ?

But in the never-ending war of opposites.. it's always amusing when some of the Right- or Left- assertions of conspiracy -- get (monica) fleshed-out (monica) a bit, y'know? (monica)

There are positively NO subliminal messages here any(monica)where

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             Oh yes - but long ago. Hoffer early best anti-BS er around! - (Ashton)

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