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New Re: Surprise showed up in the mail
RC1R1 will install but its not a real release candidate. Its a proof of concept beta. It will get you to the WPS, but MMOS2 isn't there and networking is only half installed. Also the GUI updates aren't there. All this is part of Phase 3 of the install process, which isn't finalized yet. Don't use it on a production machine.

The new installer is really nice, and allowed me to install on my new laptop, something eCS 1.0 wouldn't do.

For a choice in the future JOIN VOICE NOW
check out [link|http://www.os2voice.org/index.html|http://www.os2voice.org/index.html]
New Thanx for the heads up
on that note, I think I'll wait. I've other stuff in the works like emulator updates and learning CSS for my new site - [link|http://www.spiceware.org|http://www.spiceware.org]

I just registered it yesterday. As of now the DNS hasn't propagating.

Darrell Spice, Jr.

[link|http://home.houston.rr.com/spiceware/|SpiceWare] - We don't do Windows, it's too much of a chore

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My, we are a grumpy bastard.
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