It was Livermore Labs, under \ufffdgis of our Other (Hungarian) Strangelove misanthrope, the Dark Dr. Teller et al - who spawned, invented, started the MIRVing; this at a time (dates escape my mentation just now) when we were well ahead of the quantities and qualities of Holocaust-producing Peace Missiles extant, yada yada. There was indeed No Need - but we could so we did. Oblivious to consequences - as ever, when pursuing an insanely-Great new techno idea..

The USSR simply *had* to respond to this overt and cynical escalation. Ronnie was willing to quadruple (?) our Nat'l Debt to spend the USSR into submission; some believe that was a wise solution. But our laissez-faire penny-pinching (re assisting their conversion to a more US Bizness-friendly target of exploitation) - indicates the same short-term-gain mentality which drives everything we implement. 90 days / next election.

Our ongoing habits of er Christian Innocence won't soon dissipate (try turning the Other Cheek\ufffd to a Rumsfeld or worse!/earlier a Ego-besotted McNamara). It's part of the ingrained Disneyland fantasy that We Must be The Good since, God IS on Our Currency Side. Hey, this stuff Sells!

How else explain the inevitable next (and soon) Solo First-Strike.. no matter what anyone in the world says. We shall unleash a reservoir of hatred such that - You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet, Bub. And this - no matter how 'surgical' our techno-toys or how many $100K insurance policies we later bestow upon the collaterals we damage, on National Tee Vee.

Billy was able to buy off 7? 8? of the States - from pursuing legitimate legal redress from the barbarians. W and a lot of folk imagine we shall buy our way out of what is coming, keep the [oil] AND 'create' a nicely domesticated 'democratic' ME, *orchestrated to Dubya's dream of "fixing the World" (As-told-to - Woodward, recently)

* Tune: It's a Small Small Small Small World \ufffd Disney Galactic Corp

(Yes, they do think this way. No secret, that)

Hah; pass the WassUp? bowl,

just about off to enjoy a last Pre-War celeb of the Season
Hope you are 'off' to the same :-)