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New Kodak vs. Microsoft
[link|http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2781900,00.html|Kodak gets bitten].

Things got better since they complained, but all is not completely well.

-scott anderson
New Yabut...
Doesn't photographic imaging software really belong as an integral part of an Operating System? I could imagine that if one tried to remove the MS photograph software that the OS would no longer boot - probably interleaved in some important system DLL's. :-)
New "Our camera partners" indeed..
How many of us could have gotten right - 95% of the weasel words text used in M$ rebuttals to Kodak?

And the "9 clicks" replay of the "make Netscape my browser? / Are you SURE you don't mean IE?".

Bizarre - that all this is transpiring as.. the court decides maybe to even add new atrocities! - so they oblige with really Stupid Ones !!

Laugh a minute.
New The "OCP" statement jumped out at me too... :-\\
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