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New I love my OS/2 Laptop
Just wanted to mention it. I'm running OS/2 on a Thinkpad 600. I can't get the modem to work (despite the presence of drivers that are supposed to make it go) but that's ok, because PCMCIA works on it and my Viking modem works just dandy. I can't get the IR port to work, but that's ok too -- I don't have any IR peripherals. I CAN get my USB port to work, as near as I can tell, but I don't have any USB peripherals to test it on... not presently (since a large part of my computer rig is currently in storage).

At some point I'll get one of those wireless PCMCIA ethernet cards that has OS/2 drivers (well, the one card that's out there, anyway) and I'll be just fine and dandy.

It's an old, 300mhz PII chip, but eCS isn't terribly taxing on it, and Lotus Word Pro loads faster than any other word processor I've used on any machine out there. It's the perfect thing for writing. Mozilla runs on it just fine and works great as my "remote email account". Java runs skip dandy on it (it takes FOREVER for applets and programs to load, but once loaded they're almost as responsive as native OS/2 apps). And I have a large mp3 collection on it that I can take to work and play with no trouble (though I have to turn OS/2's sound queues off or any attempt to play two sounds at once will crash my mp3 player).

I feel about the laptop in much the same way that an older generation of writers would feel about one of those clunky mechanical typewriters. It just feels right.

The only problem I'm having is that my laptop is old, and it shows. Sometimes it doesn't boot up until the third or fourth power cycle, especially if I have the floppy drive in the swappable bay instead of the CD-ROM drive. I've found if I press just the right spot on the base of the laptop while it's running, eCS will crash. The battery on the laptop died a long time ago (it no longer holds a charge) and I haven't found any replacements yet (though to be fair, I haven't looked very hard).

So I'm sort of afraid of what will happen when it gets older. I love that laptop.

Oh well. Enough rhapsody.
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New lerpadism alert (new thread)
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New ebay for batteries
new ones are just too expensive.
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