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New Stop taking life so seriously.
It isn't like it was permanent, you know.

So you're a nut case - so am I, and so is everyone else you're likely to meet. That's just the nature of the beast. If we ever have machines complex enough to do what we do, they'll be nutcases too. guaranteed.

Even so, many magnificent things are created, and a whole lot of people have a good time. This is stuff most technologists don't see enough of because technology is too narrow, too time consuming and takes itself too seriously.

Yes, there's plenty of bad news going around, but the reason it's news is it's exceptional. Most people don't have any personal involvement in this stuff, even in Israel.

So concentrate on making things around you a bit better, and trust others to do the same where they are. The job is getting done, slowly, and sometimes there's backsliding, but it's getting done. Everyone is on the way to becoming God (whether they like it or not), and eventually, everyone will get there. We have whatever remains of eternity to do that.

Time is a conceit of our perception - everything that has ever been is forever.

New Yup. That too.
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If the answer to your question starts with, "Well ... ", you're not going to like what comes next.
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