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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New We have all the old IWE stuff
Except for the stuff during the Inclusion Interregnum.

ezBoard will be fairly easy to snarf once we get to that point.

-scott anderson
New I wonder...
...how hard it would be to write a script that would crawl the entire EZBoard IWETHEY site, and repost all postings there in here instead...
New Hmmmm, still TOS
what if someone comes back and finds out that you have a post made by them on EzBoard on the forum here? They might freak out and think that someone was spoofing them. Or worse, they might claim to own copyright of the original post. In any case, how about we just start over from scratch?

At most, capture it into a database for use later like they did for the IWE forums. Call it an archive or something?
"I can see if I want anything done right around here, I'll have to do it myself!"Moe Howard
New Well, we could have an "archive" section here...
...one that is read only. Shouldn't be too hard.
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