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New Thanks for the pointer.
I saw a headline about the story and figured, "oh, another day ending in 'y'", but it was worthwhile reading that summary.

The fish cartels' pieces of the puzzle was something that I hadn't considered.

Lots of changes are continuing to happen as the world gets smaller and hotter and more crowded...


New This couldn't work at McDonald's
Or it wouldn't have back in the late 90's / early 00's. My brother-in-law had a regional exec come speak to his finance class. He said you wouldn't be wrong to see McDonald's as a real estate holding company that also sells burgers.

If you wanted a franchise, they didn't ask for your restaurant experience. They'd ask for the location. They'd run the numbers on people living/working within x radius, foot traffic, car traffic, ease of access, other restaurants nearby, etc. You meet the criteria and have the capital, you get the franchise. They'll tell you how to make the burgers.

If someone suggested they sell all their land to goose the quarterly dividend, they'd have laughed you out of the room. In many ways McDs represents everything wrong with society today, except they know how to plan for the long haul.

New Knowing how to do this is why they are successful.
The creator of McDonald's didn't know this. He just knew how to make burgers. The chaps who invested in his little restaurant *did* know how to scale up.

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