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New Recently got some Husqvarna electric stuff.
A mower, string trimmer, extendable cutter hedge trimmer.

I finally took the leap because I need to trim our overgrown hedges, and it made sense to get a system. I looked at the battery mowers at Lowe's and the only one that looked like it would last more than a couple of years was the Husqvarna.

The mower and 2 batteries and a 250W charger was $800 on sale. Since the bare batteries list at about $320 each, it was like they were almost throwing in the mower for free. ;-)

The mower has a steel deck (I couldn't see spending $500 more for their version with an aluminum deck). It's light enough that I can almost push it myself through the whole front yard (1/4 acre lot), but I let the batteries do the work. I'm pretty happy with it. I cut the grass in the front 2x (about 2.5 weeks apart) on charging the batteries once (both are loaded in the mower at the same time). It bags well, even on the "sense" mode.

The string trimmer works well, even for the overgrown edges that I let get away from me, but did gobble up the small battery that came with it. The larger capacity (and heavier) mower batteries work fine with it. Upkeep should be less battery intensive.

I haven't used the hedge trimmer yet. Soon!

New My Ryobi don't look like that

I definitely don't have the level of oomph you got. But that's fine for me. The first cut of the season when the grass is too high means I have to lean up and lift this lawn mower as I sweep it around in order for it to not get clogged down. But now I just walk fast.

At this point the key issue is having more battery at the ready than I can use. I consider this a good situation.
New Oh my aching back
I could only do it for about an hour. Drained 1 and 1/2 batteries. I covered a 6-ft by 50-ft patch. That stuff was up to my chest so basically I throw the weed wacker at it and then drag it backwards.

I still have another 3 or 4 hours worth of brush cutting to do but I can only handle an hour at a time.

The steel blades just showed up so I'll put that on and see if it makes a difference.
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