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New Fallows liked the finger shoes.
Dunno if he still feels that way.


I bought a pair long ago but never wore them enough to know if they were good or bad for my particular feet.

Whatever works, baby!

New They look interesting but not for me
I want to be able to wiggle my toes without feeling anything and these things allow that while simultaneously giving me exactly form fitting support in my heel and arch. That's the glove portion.

Your link was paywalled so I went wandering and came across this:


This quote interested in me:

"Yes, they forced me up onto the balls of my feet, where running coaches want you, because smacking your heels on asphalt roads without any padding to protect them will do that. That's the idea. It's self-preservation"

I have always walked on the balls of my feet. Maybe because of my bad knees or hips or the fact that I took ballet lessons for several years starting at third grade.

I then taught my kids to walk on the balls of their feet because they sounded like f****** elephants stomping around the house. Turns out that you don't stomp and make noise when you walk on the balls of your feet.

So maybe regular shoes have always been bad for me because they put the cushioning on the heel and encourage landing on it.
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