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New We're good.
We did not sustain any damage worth speaking of. The town roads washed out in just the right places to turn Middlesex into Hotel California for a while. By this evening, one had been patched up sufficiently to allow traffic out to the one State highway in the area that was not totally cut off.

By now it also looks like Montpelier is not going to get flushed down the St Lawrence just yet. The water level behind the Wrightsville Dam (which is just down the hill from where we live) has leveled off just below the spillway. The river through town just dropped back below flood level.

My office complex, in Waterbury, did flood again (last time was TS Irene in 2011), although I don't know if water made it into the building. We're back to full time working from home for the duration.

Most of the severe damage is in the southern part of the state, for now (that may change as the storm moved North->South. By the time the northern section got hit, most reporting crews were scrambling for safery as well.)
New Thanks for the report. Fingers crossed!
New Glad to hear you've survived!

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     Sven, I hope you and your house have survived the rain storm that hit your area! - (a6l6e6x) - (3)
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             Thanks for the report. Fingers crossed! -NT - (Another Scott)
             Glad to hear you've survived! -NT - (a6l6e6x)

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