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New Fried rice
I love it but the closest Chinese food is 20 minutes away and no one delivers here.

First of all, review this YouTube video. I'm only describing the first 5 minute recipe with my modifications.


To start off with, I love my Costco bacon bits. They come in shelf stable bags and they are huge chunks of bacon bits with minimal fat. So I use this as both a bacon/pork additive and I use some of the grease beforehand.

So I grab two handfuls of those bacon bits and throw a handful in the pan and a handful aside to mix in directly with the rice.

Fry up the bacon bits in low enough temperature to rend and not burn them. You want that fat and flavor. If you have to actually separate the bacon out for the next step, fine, don't ruin the bacon. Throw it in later to the rice mix.

Prep your frying roots and veggies and separate out some for crunch and flavor for the rice mix as well.

Toss in chopped onions, chopped carrots, another couple tablespoons of high temp flavorless oil, I use avocado, and fry. Fry up to whatever consistency you like. Add anything else you want to be frying in there, keeping in mind you might need to separate and vary temperature. I've done chopped shrimp and chicken so far.

Prep the rice. I use two cups of rice. The final product seems to be about six serious meals depending on how much meat and veggies I add.

Swirl the rice in a strainer in a bowl with water two or three times to remove the excess starch on the outside. I used to use those pre-packaged bowls when learning and then realized they're great and incredibly expensive.

So I got a rice cooker. I love my rice cooker. And my 25 lb sack of rice. I currently have long grain white but will try others in the future.

It takes about 30 minutes in the rice cooker and then another 2 hours in the refrigerator since I want to start with cold rice that has dried a bit. Plan accordingly.

I use three eggs for that amount of rice. Three eggs and a bowl plus the various things he said. Plus a decent squirt of sweet plum sauce. Add in any of the previously fried stuff plus any prepped cold stuff such as bits of onion cubes and uncooked carrots and broccoli. Whatever.

Mix with the rice. Make sure it's fluffed and separated on the way in. The point is to separate each individual grain. Of course it's impossible but try anyway. Gently. Don't break the grains. Perfect exercise for ADHD focus.

Heat up the pan with oil. The goal is around 370. The point is to cook the egg rice mixture well, browning, without burning. That temperature may be up or down for you. I do not have a wok, I have an inductive stove top range and a big pan.

Toss the rice mixture in and toss and separate accordingly. Pay attention. Keep looking to separate the rice as it's frying. Since I have an inductive setup, I can't toss because every time I lift the pan the stove turns off.

Keep in mind the pan has to be large enough to do the soy sauce caramelization step which means pushing the rice to the side for a moment so make sure it's big enough.

Takes about 5 minutes, and you can eat it then or let it sit in the pan for an hour. It's wonderful continuously. I package up most of it for the fridge immediately and then munch on it for the next couple of days. Microwaves well.
New Re: Fried rice
Refrigeration is important, and overnight is best. The cold causes a transformation of some of the starches, making it more suitable for fried rice.

Long grain is the right rice to use because it is high in amylose starches. Thai jasmine rice is suitable even though it is 18% amylose, while American long grain can be up to 22%. Short grain rice can be as low as 100% amylopectin, making it very sticky.

There are short grained rices high in amylose, and long grain rices that are low in amylose, but these are exception you are not likely to encounter - except Thai long grain sweet rice, the only rice suitable for the cuisines of Laos and Isan Thailand (where there are more Lao than in Laos).
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