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New Best one I've ever ridden
This first is the official POV footage.


The next two are handheld. Pretty good visuals, but the sound is shit. You'll want to turn it down if you've got good bass, or headphones.

I rode at night, which was even better. We were in the front seat like this next vid, but it's a little hard to appreciate without a clear view of the ground


This next one is either a better camera or it was at dusk, because you can still see the ground. And from the back seat you can see the train ahead moving.


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New In the dark, predicting motion is much harder.

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New Is that the one that replaced Mean Streak?
I never got a chance to ride it.

Mean Streak was *terrible*, incredibly painful to ride.

I stopped riding them after a visit to King's Island 10 years ago or so resulted in chronic vertigo.
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New It used to *be* Mean Streak
Per Wikipedia:
Steel Vengeance, formerly known as Mean Streak, is a steel roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The roller coaster, originally constructed by Dinn Corporation as a wooden roller coaster, was rebuilt by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) and opened to the public on May 5, 2018. It is a hybrid coaster, using RMC's steel I-Box track and a significant portion of Mean Streak's former support structure. Upon completion, Steel Vengeance set 10 world records, including those for the tallest, fastest, and longest hybrid roller coaster.

Mean Streak opened to the public on May 11, 1991, as the tallest wooden coaster in the world with the longest drop height. After more than 25 years of operation, Cedar Point closed Mean Streak on September 16, 2016, casting doubt and uncertainty regarding the ride's future. Over time, the park dropped subtle hints about a possible track conversion, which was officially confirmed in August 2017. It was marketed as the world's first hybrid hypercoaster – a wooden and steel roller coaster at least 200 feet (61 m) in height – and reemerged as Steel Vengeance. A minor collision on opening day led to a temporary closure and later modifications from RMC.

New Is it smoother now?
The original was jarring as hell.

It also didn't have barrel rolls, so that seems like a fun improvement if they fixed the teeth-rattling of the original.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New It's super smooth

New Super smooth doesn't mean anything to me.
Hard g Force to the side is enough to just put me to sleep. My brain basically just tells the world to go f*** itself and goes away. Those days of trying are over. Since I waited once a year to enjoy the coasters, I had to make a strong decision. The decision was to never get on one of these again.
New This is a hard no for you, then

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