Received today a two CD set of "music" by the Saor Patrol. Scottish Folk Metal, for sure! Great recordings to drown out conversation, or just about anything. This set will be added to my large collection of Pagan Folk Metal CDs. They'll fit right in.

But the Scots aren't Pagan? Who the Hell knows what the Scots are. They probably don't know. A mix of Picts, Celts, Gaels, Angles, Normans, Norse, Norse-Gaels, and probably Scythians before them all. Most of the Barbarian tribes of Europe.

And speaking of Scots, I overheard mention at the exotic meats market down the street of "frozen lungs'. So, if they can also supply an intact pig bladder I could make a real Haggis. Then all I'd need is a Scot Bagpiper to pipe it to the table - or maybe this CD can fill that need.

In one of my ancient cookbooks, the author said the worst Haggis he had ever had was in Italy. He said Italy was no excuse, because the best Haggis he'd ever had was also in Italy. The Chef said he learned it from the Scottish cook on a Brittish destroyer right after the war. The attraction was that it was made from stuff not formerly thought of as food in Italy, thus available and cheap.