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New They’re so tire(d)
I link here to a short but interesting Twitter thread on the state of Russian transport where the rubber meets the road. Under consideration is a tire from a disabled BM-21 “Grad” rocket launch vehicle. The tire appears to have been manufactured for export, and rather a long time ago. It is marked “Made in USSR.”

It has been said that up until the last week in February the Russians were thought to have the second-most formidable army in the world, whereas now they’re generally considered to have the second-most formidable army in Ukraine. If the rooskies are having to dig this deeply into the inventory, many of their former supply channels having been choked off, while their intended victims are receiving a cornucopia of shiny military hardware, it’s difficult to see this turning out well for Vova’s irredentist agenda.

New 30-year-old cracked damaged tires.
I love it. Or they could be using the Chinese tires. I seem to recall a set of 50 michelins was $37,000 but a set of 50 Chinese imitators was around $230.

Either way, nothing is going to be rolling for very long. You don't really expect your tires to last for thousands and thousands of miles when the equipment gets hit by a manpad rocket.
New There was a similar Twitter thread earlier.
Here: https://twitter.com/TrentTelenko/status/1499164245250002944

Some russian thing was stuck in the mud with its tires off the wheels. Some expert was saying that it showed that the troops didn't take care of them in their depots, etc., etc. Someone said they were Chinese knockoffs of Michelin truck tires.

Then one of the replies was from a woman truck tire expert who said, no, they were Bulgarian (IIRC) knockoffs of the Chinese knockoffs. (And had tread images to prove it.)

(Unfortunately, she deleted the tweet.)

It's amazing how quickly experts can appear!

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         30-year-old cracked damaged tires. - (crazy)
         There was a similar Twitter thread earlier. - (Another Scott)

We have some experienced flamelords who can take care of them.
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