I was trying to move some fully-loaded metal shelves that were dug into the floor tiles. Tug, tug, POP! Ouch!!!1

It was excruciating to use the clutch in my car.

It got better after about 3 weeks. It flares up again occasionally, like last weekend when I was rearranging some cords after installing our new TV. Blinding pain as my back spasmed up tight. Fortunately, it only lasted a couple of nights this time.

In my case, it's associated with getting stiffer over the years. What really helps me is doing leg presses on our cable-based weight bench to stretch out my knees, legs, and lower back. If I don't do it for a few weeks/months, then everything gets tight and it gets really, really easy to re-injure myself.

Whoever designed human backs really messed up. :-(

Best of luck to M, crazy, and to you, CRC.

("Who is heading down to the basement to do some stretching now...")