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New Compared to “HAL’s Legacy”
In 1997 MIT published a volume of essays about the state of AI, and how 2001 had inspired a generation or two of researchers. Seems to me that after a quarter of a century the state of the art has gone on afterburners. My reflections here.

New well written
sat in on a very interesting presentation of AI assisted IVR. Unlike normal IVR that most of us use where we scream "HUMAN!" into the receiver to get real attention, this product replaced an IT help desk with a female human sounding interface.

We queried this product with what we would consider easy then more difficult end user issues from passd resets to hanging virtual drives. We were all very impressed.

However after asking the price the annual license was $9 million a year for 100 seats.
A senior Manager spoke up "you know how many nose picking highschool grads working off of cheat sheets I can hire for a lot less?" and sent the vendor on his way rejoicing.
It is getting a lot better by each generation.
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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