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New I knew they couldn't do it when I signed the proposal.
They said my new roof would take 4 days. I didn't believe it, and I was right, they have to come back on Monday to finish up.

Extent and quality of the work is outstanding. All best quality materials and Owens Corning shingles that are supposed to carry a lifetime warranty. The job is far better than the original roof, with very fine edge treatment, like the place was a Beverly Hills mansion.

A lot of the 100 year old and 80 year old wood needed to be replaced, so lot of framing work had to be done - and was done well, with top quality lumber and expert craftsmanship.

Of course this quality and extent of work is costly, but considering how much had to be done, and how well it has been done, $19,600 doesn't seem excessive.

I don't know how much they pay the work crew, but the crew arrives in a late model shiny black BMW. The supervisors drive pickup trucks.
New You did better than me
Guy showed up. Guy took 3,500 deposit to build some steps. Guy never came back. Guy lied to me and to my wife about the various discussions we had even though I always had him on speaker phone. He tells my wife that I lied to her. And then he tells her that she's too abrupt just like her husband. She told him to go f*** himself. His stories are not something we will take time to listen to.

Turns out he paid his guys on the previous job with that money. He's a one man pyramid scheme. There's no next job so he ain't showing up for this one because he can't buy the materials. He had lots of good reviews with one bad one where he gave someone some money back. I tried to do due diligence.

I am going to follow him. I am simply going to spend the next couple of weeks driving him insane. I will speak to everybody he speaks to about how he stole from me. I have time and a spare car now. I will make this bastard suffer. I will also pay for a lawyer to go after him. The cops tell me that they can't do anything so it's all up to me. I am definitely going to get his contractor's license yanked and his insurance revoked.
New 19.5k in california seems very reasonable mine was 13.5 in mississippi
got the GAF lifetime shingles the did it in one day but no wood replacement needed and all one level rectangle not much in the way of corners or turrets.
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     I knew they couldn't do it when I signed the proposal. - (Andrew Grygus) - (2)
         You did better than me - (crazy)
         19.5k in california seems very reasonable mine was 13.5 in mississippi - (boxley)

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