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New It's really, really easy to be a contrarian.
I was one for far too long, too. It's an easy, and often cowardly, way to approach politics. Things are bad, so it's the system's fault and I'm too good a person to sully myself by getting involved in it. Etc.

It's wrong, and dangerous, of course.

Our government is us. We have a responsibility to participate and work to make it better.

Sorry you're having to go through that. With luck, he'll grow out of it.

Hang in there.

New “With luck, he'll grow out of it”
He’s around fifty, I think. We’re not close; I’ve only met him once since he was a child, and he was as sour in person as he is online. Politically a purity pony; votes leftie “protest” candidates since there’s no difference between the GOP and the Democrats, a position that might have seemed defensible, though not persuasive, back when Tip & Ronnie were kicking back with drinks after hours; not so much today, with the ’pubbies having gone full fash. I suspect that his approach to our national dilemma is “burn it all down.”

He has described me online as a “rabid right-winger.” I personally can’t get this to wrap around my foot, but I will leave it to others to evaluate the justice of that description.

(I am, of course, here drifting way off course from this forum’s notional purpose.)

New Linux boards are always political
It's just usually different factions of Linux.

New He's not changing and he's a moron
And just because he likes Linux does not mean he's not a moron. I found many highly technical people who are quite competent who are absolute f****** idiots when it came to dealing with the real world. The world that involves other people.

"They're all the same argument" is an absolute avoidance and pure cowardice. Pick a side and work towards the solution or shut the f*** up.

He's a "libertarian" from the Clinton days. I remember those idiots when they were young. Don't tax me for social issues. Don't tax me for military. Don't tax me for anything, go f*** yourself. Everything else was based on their desire to pay less taxes. I heard that from some very well paid people. People who could afford those taxes and still live very well. As far as they were concerned, they didn't need to pay for roads. Infrastructure should cost them zero. They're happy to pay for health care until it hurts. Nobody else's health care though. Then they scream the doctors are paid too much and the nurses are paid too much. I had one of them tell me he was pissed that the company was paying unemployment tax for him. He should get that money. He's never going to be unemployed and if he is he's got plenty of money sitting there as a cushion. He's never going to use that system.

Selfish bastard is a good description.

The only thing those people do is act as spoilers when they vote for a third party. On the other hand, the Ross Perot libertarians siphoned off enough votes from Bush to allow Clinton to get in so they aren't all bad, they are just stupid.

Ask him what he did in the Clinton time frame.
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