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New "They're afraid of what they'll be unleashing."

Opinion piece on the Ottawa protest with some inside sleuthing.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Which is why they shouldn't do anything
He's right about the far-right agitators. This is straight out of their playbook, and I'd be shocked if there wasn't funding coming from some of the regular suspects.

But a confrontation is exactly what those agitators need. They need the footage of "jack-booted thugs cracking down on regular citizens" to make their case.

Better to just let them all sit there in the cold and the snow and the rain and wait them out. They have some nominal demands, but everything related to the vaccine is easy to ignore. There aren't enough of them unvaxed to seriously disrupt shipping. Their only real demand - though they won't say it out loud - is the confrontation.

Eventually the useful idiots will get tired of sitting there with nothing happening. The press will get tired of showing them and move on to something else. Once there's no cameras, there's no hope for a televised confrontation, and it all falls apart.

Doing absolutely nothing (except responding to actual violence or other crimes) is the right move.

New How long did Occupy Wall Street last?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_Wall_Street - roughly 2 months. That was mainly one park in NYC.

Stopping them from taking fuel and supplies to their trucks will help end it. But it still could be weeks. It's hard for any city to take that much disruption for long...

To be clear, I have no idea what the optimum approach is. It's clearly a dangerous situation, and I hope the authorities are using every tool at their disposal to figure out who the bad guys are before really bad things happen.

Thanks for the pointer, AdminiScott.

     "They're afraid of what they'll be unleashing." - (malraux) - (2)
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             How long did Occupy Wall Street last? - (Another Scott)

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