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New Lamb ribs
Actually breast of lamb but as far as I'm concerned the configuration and texture are lamb baby back ribs. A hell of a lot better than pork ribs.

They were incredibly tough to cut apart when I started this process.

I sous vide it at 140 for 20 hours. 50/50 salt and brown sugar rub plus Rosemary and thyme. Plus a generous spoonful of mint jelly.

Took it out. Dried it. Slice between the individual bones like they were butter. Dried some more.

This was pinker than I usually will do lamb but it was perfect. I usually overcook lamb.

Dropped it in a 400° fry pan with ghee in it. And when I say 400° I mean it, my pan maintains temperature. Flip flip flip flip flip flop. Perfectly brown and crisp on all sides. Sprinkle some more rosemary and thyme on its way out of the heat. 2 minutes later I have lamb ribs that melt in your mouth, taste better than any lamb chops I ever had and are a far better texture. At about 1/5 the price.

Eat one and freeze three bags. I'll be doing this recipe again. My 26-q sous vide tub will be showing up in a day or so. Along with my vacuum bag order. So at that point I can do 10 of these things at once, in 40 separate bags with about 20 minutes of prep. 20 hours of ignoring it. 5 minutes of ice bath to big freezer.

When I want one later I toss a bag into the 140° sous vide bath for 30 minutes. Then I go through the final 3 minute prep and fry and they are ready. 40 meals ready.

I bought one of those attachments that fit on a propane torch to sear meat. Somebody here recommended I get one a while ago once I started down this path and of course that's where I ended up. I'll find out in a day or so whether or not I kill myself with it
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New Well, that watered my mouth! :)

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

-- Isaac Asimov
New Or, how about some nice Pork Belly Chashu
Primarily known as a Ramen topping in Japan, but also a great topping for Rice, ingredient in Fried Rice or Stir Fries, or just as a Snack, etc.

Pork Belly Chasu
New I actually bought some pork belly a while ago
I wanted to try one of the British oven recipes but it takes 2 days of prep with real work so I said screw that and made perfect lamb ribs that were 5 minutes of prep and 3 minutes of frying and I put the pork belly aside.

A couple days later I chopped up and fried up one of the segments with some salt and pepper and enjoyed it but it's nothing like a real pork belly recipe. Threw out the rest. It went bad.

I had bought a very large chamber vacuum sealer. The kind you drop the top down on and it creates a real vacuum. Or close enough. Water will boil away at room temperature at the final moment. The kind I can put nine half pint jars in standing up. The kind you can do full bags of liquid.

I bought a whole bunch of meat in anticipation of splitting it out and bagging it.

Regular vacuum sealers suck. Even the best of them. I don't mean suck the air out, I mean they perform poorly compared to what you could get. The bags are patented with channels that allow the air to come out. That means they are very expensive. And while you can buy pre-made bags they are even more expensive and making bags is a pain in the ass from the rolls.

This vacuum sealer takes pre-made bags that are 1/10 the cost of the other vacuum sealer.

It was a floor model at Costco. The bag of documentation and pneumatic pump oil were stored together and the pump oil spilled into the documentation.

I bought more pump oil somewhere else and got it home and broke my back lifting it up the steps. I bought a steel rolling cart just for it. I will never lift this thing again.

It takes 45 seconds from start to finish to use it. Between making bags and the effort of using the previous vacuum sealer it took about 10 minutes per bag.

Then I realized there is no way I was pouring someone else's oil into this thing until tech support told me it was okay. Which meant I had to wait a couple of days. Then I hit East Coast versus West Coast timing issues. So then I had to wait another day.

4 days later tech support says put it in, it's fine, I tested it out, it's incredible. But I have no bags because the oil spilled in them and they are on order. I make a few bags from my current rolls but I hate making bags so I ignore it for everything except the lamb.

At that point I decide I'll make a whole bunch of bags and package up all the meat but of course the meat is bad by then. I'll get my bags in a day or two and try again.

I dislike ginger so I won't be doing this one, and it's way too much work anyway.
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New I have an industrial bag sealer.
It's probably been the same since WWI. After 40 years, the temperature controller stopped working. The replacement was exactly the same, and they'll probably be selling the same model 40 years from now.

I could rig for vacuum, but I'd need a new vacuum pump, the one in the crawl space doesn't start any more, but I've never felt a pressing need for vacuum. I don't store large amounts of anything, and cooked stuff bagged with most of the air squeezed out is good for a couple weeks in the fridge. That's all I need.

Bag Sealer
New Thanks for reminding me
I wanted to get an impulse sealer a while back. It certainly has its uses beyond my vacuum sealer here. I just ordered it.
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