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New Unguided?

"With this new and very precise time frame, the population genetic waiting time problem for the origin of animal body plans is lifted to a whole new level and suggests that no unguided process could ever plausibly explain these data."

How about a gamma ray burst that wasn't strong enough to kill everything but was strong enough to rip apart the DNA? The next generation would be a random crap shoot of mutations. And again again until the survivors survived.

Except crabs of course. God makes sure there is always an assortment of crabs evolving at any given moment, independently of each other. ;-)
New More possible
It has been noted that evolution often occurs in isolated populations. It is possible the new biota evolved in an isolated region not yet discovered. When that region was suddenly opened to the rest of the world this new biota could spread with extreme speed into an essentially undefended environment.
New Discovery Institute is a right wing crackpot organization
The website is backed by them. You do the math.
Ceterum autem censeo pars Republican esse delendam.
New Didn't need to do any math.
That one statement told me everything I needed to know.
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