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New Pagan?
Be aware that just about everything you think of about Christmas tradition is actually "Pagan tomfoolery" adopted by the Church because the people would no let go of it.

For the Christian part.

If there is any truth to the story of Jesus at all, he was born in the spring time. The Romans scheduled tax time in the Spring, just as it is today - for very, very good reasons - and everything else about the story calls for springtime. Even in the Levant, shepherds were not out in the fields in December, and nor were the sheep.

Bethlehem was far too small to have an "inn", and, if the home (probably of one of Joseph's relatives) was full, the livestock, including manger, would be on the first story of the house.

The Church assigned December 25th, because that was the time of festivals for the re-birth of the Sun, as it still is for Pagans today.

Pagans have a much better understanding of "The true meaning of Christmas" than Christians - so fuck Charlie Brown.
New Re: Pagan?
Yeah, I had a history professor that I particularly enjoyed who liked to show how control mechanisms of different religions and physical constraints molded societies as they grew. The Christmas takeaway is that my wife and I try to make things better for someone else.
This year my wife's cousins were having a Christmas Eve party so we bought 10 lbs of Italian sausage (they're all of Sicilian decent.) They canceled the party Thursday night. We found a food pantry that would accept perishable food and donated the sausage to them. They seemed happy to get it and it made us feel good so I guess it all worked out in the end. That makes us good pagans? Cool! I'm up for it!
"Religion, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable."
New I saw a suggestion the other day that the theft went the other way around.
Normally you would be celebrating Sol Invictus right now, but there was an error in the timeline.

He suggests that by the time of the attempted revival of Sol Invictus, the 25th of December was already established as Christmas, and the Solists tried the establish it for their own god in an attempt to steal the Church's thunder (eh, mixed metaphors much?).

Feels a bit bass-ackwards to me, as it seems logical that this was just an attempt to steal the day back, after the Christians first had stolen it from the Sol cult. But then this may be linked to his speculation that "there were two different sun god cults", Sol Invictus and an older original (just) Sol. IMO, Occam's razor would suggest it's the same god and cult, just like it's the same star; that the added "Invictus"was just a re-launch branding excercise.

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New Considering it means unconquerable or undefeated, yeah, clearly trying to take it back

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