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New How do I measure it?
Cup of vinegar and a couple drops of soap? Teaspoon? Give me percentage of one versus the other for me to start and then I will adjust higher or lower as needed, please.

And I killed 50 or so, so far, so this is a good start.
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Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Thanks
New Well, yeah, we used to think so...
New I've seen one or two in the last day or so
Thousands drowned in the variety of cup sucks sprinkled around the house. This simply works.
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         Fly paper still works. - (Another Scott)
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         Apple cider vinegar with dish soap - (malraux) - (7)
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                 Enough soap to break the surface tension. -NT - (malraux) - (5)
                     How do I measure it? - (crazy) - (4)
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                             Thanks -NT - (crazy)
                             Well, yeah, we used to think so... -NT - (CRConrad)
                         I've seen one or two in the last day or so - (crazy)

You're typing on a device that stores trillions of pieces of data and makes billions of computations per second with the ability to grab data on almost anything from around the world in milliseconds, using electricity transmitted from hundreds of kilometers through wires on towers dozens of meters tall connected to megastructures that do things like burn coal as fast as entire trains can pull into the yard, or spin in the wind with blades the size of jumbo jets, or the like, which were delivered to their location by vehicles with computer-timed engines burning a fuel that was pumped up halfway around the world from up to half a dozen kilometers underground and locked into complex strata (through wells drilled by diamond-lined bores that can be remote-control steered as they go), shipped around the world in tankers with volumes the size of large city blocks and the height of apartment complexes, run through complex chemical processes in unimaginable quantities, distributed nationwide and sold to you at a corner store for $1.80 a gallon, which you then pay for with a little piece of microchipped plastic, if not a smartphone, which does all of the aforementioned computer stuff but in a box the size of your hand that tolerates getting beaten up in your pocket all day.

But technology never seems to advance...

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