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New I had DSLExtreme over AT&T lines . . .
. . and it worked quite well. One of my clients has AT&T DSL and they spent over a week without essential Internet service (couldn't clear credit cards) while incompetent AT&T techs tried to get it working.

I'm on Spectrum Business now (cable), but they're a couple blocks outside Spectrum service.

We had an outage here when AT&T's drop cable came down. I found you could not contact AT&T service on a Sunday, not even their robot. It took days for a tech to come out. Their robot doesn't take any information, so he was unprepared and had to wait for others. A Spectrum guy came out to have a look while they were stringing wire.

Spectrum got everything ready, but AT&T screwed up transferring phone numbers, more than twice, but we finally got it transferred a week and a half later. I have had one Spectrum service failure. It didn't come back up right away, so I did my grocery shopping and it was back by time I returned.

AT&T keeps calling me telling me about how much better their service is than Spectrum, and I just tell them "No freaking way in Hell".
New Wow...
If an ISP of any decent size here in AU was uncontactable during any sort of outage they would find their arse handed to them on a platter. Social media would be on fire, mainstream media would report on it and I daresay enterprising people would find the personal phone numbers of the CEO...

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