I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I saw five years ago a sample of what I assumed would be this same tech, and it didn’t look a lot better than what I used to get from my big Ricoh color printer (the size of an industrial dryer) at BDS. This? If you didn’t know better, you’d assume that it was produced by the traditional four-color* process. The paper stock is good too.

It’s riddled with errors, of course, but I’ve had ten days to weed these out, and on my last review detected just one, so minor, so unnoticeable, that I couldn’t be troubled to upload a correction.


*During tha latter fifteen years of my alleged career I used to be seconded to an industry group that sent their annual awards program, which I designed, out to a commercial printer. “Dear god,” he once moaned, “find me another designer who understands prepress!” He was being given a lot of 72dpi images in RGB from people whose entire design careers had been spent producing images for screen. Let’s not even talk about the stuff he received in Microsoft-fucking-Word…