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New The plastic decking material is valuable
I want to redo my deck using that stuff but don't have the funds at the moment. I hate refinishing wood decks every year.

The bathroom fan is likely a Panasonic Whisper, very powerful and silent.

With the miter saw, always unplug that bastard when you're not using it, even between cuts. I'm paranoid as hell with mine because I don't want to lose a finger. And make sure the wood is clamped solidly so you don't get any kickback. 80 tooth carbide blades at least; I don't know why those things come with 32s. If you have a carbide blade don't cut anything with metal no matter how tempting it is. The teeth can fly off.

Sounds like a great place you've got.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Thanks for the info
Yeah, this place is a win. I don't know if it's real yet since closing hasn't happened but generally I'm feeling good.
     Greetings from Port Angeles, Washington - (crazy) - (46)
         Sweet! - (pwhysall) - (21)
             I don't have that - (crazy) - (20)
                 Damn, you gots a compound -NT - (drook) - (12)
                     Check email -NT - (crazy) - (1)
                         Gmail? Not seeing anything -NT - (drook)
                     Is it a bad idea to drive a small Kia SUV over a septic tank and a green field? - (crazy) - (9)
                         Should be OK AFAICT -- except that septic tank sounds fishy. - (CRConrad) - (2)
                             Jeez, for the man who knows everything that advice sucked. - (crazy) - (1)
                                 Send me photos, plans and BOM for your septic tank and I'll give you exact and specific advice. -NT - (CRConrad)
                         Yes, you're right to be concerned. - (Another Scott)
                         Need to be careful with septic fields - (malraux) - (1)
                             Okay understood - (crazy)
                         bad idea -NT - (boxley)
                         buy a wheel barrow, you will need one anyway then haul your stuff -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                             He left behind an industrial hand truck - (crazy)
                 You'll have seagulls - (pwhysall) - (6)
                     Re: You'll have seagulls - (crazy) - (3)
                         They're the one aspect of living here that can wear a bit thin -NT - (pwhysall) - (2)
                             are they still called shytehawks? -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                                 "still"? Never were. - (pwhysall)
                     Ever since seeing this ... - (drook) - (1)
                         I think they're always laughing - (crazy)
         nice landing spot -NT - (boxley)
         Thanks for the report. Peace and relaxation to you! -NT - (Another Scott)
         All right! - (a6l6e6x) - (4)
             Earthquakes - (crazy) - (3)
                 Great, now your hubris has gone and fucked us all. - (InThane) - (1)
                     There was a small one 20 miles South of him a couple of weeks ago. - (a6l6e6x)
                 37% chance in the next 50 years. - (malraux)
         Sounds like the start of a new chapter. - (static) - (15)
             I've been on a holding pattern - (crazy) - (14)
                 Contract signed - (crazy) - (13)
                     Ooh, nice - (drook) - (2)
                         You're absolutely welcome - (crazy) - (1)
                             And M misses you. -NT - (crazy)
                     Okay we've been here a week - (crazy) - (9)
                         The plastic decking material is valuable - (malraux) - (1)
                             Thanks for the info - (crazy)
                         Sounds like a gold mine. - (static)
                         Check those conduits - (scoenye) - (5)
                             Oh my Lord I probably have 10,000 in conduits - (crazy) - (4)
                                 Local contractors/electricians? - (scoenye) - (3)
                                     It's Saturday - (crazy)
                                     Contact info please - (crazy) - (1)
                                         Iwethey handle at compaqnet.be -NT - (scoenye)
         Congrats -NT - (InThane)

My parents just came back from a planet where the dominant life form had no bilateral symmetry, and all I got was this stupid F-shirt.
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