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New My phone refuses to pull this PDF.
Is it me or you? How will I ever know?

On title alone I know Freon inhalation is bad. Not directly, though. I seem to recall that the guy who invented Freon inhaled it and blew out a lit flame to show how safe it was before it was used universally, they had to do a PR campaign. I also seem to recall the guy who invented freon is the guy who also invented putting lead in gasoline and it's the guy who killed himself with a contraption to get himself moving in bed because he was paralyzed due to some type of disease. He strangled himself in his brilliant contraption. So this guy, who did immense damage with freon and leaded gasoline got his just reward.

Back to Freon and getting high on it. No thanks.
New It’s you
And I’d read about the evil scientist and his mechanical bed. Strange thing, karma. Usually unreliable, but when it delivers, wow.

New Yeah that was a biggie
     Speaking of drugs - (rcareaga) - (4)
         Kind of looks like Freon and anything - or nothing - else is a hard "No" -NT - (drook)
         My phone refuses to pull this PDF. - (crazy) - (2)
             It’s you - (rcareaga) - (1)
                 Yeah that was a biggie -NT - (crazy)

Caught up in the conflict between his brain and his tail.
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