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New Depends
Would you choose to experience the most amazing* day of your life if you weren't able to remember it?
How’s this: in the space of twenty-four hours I purchase, sign and, in the company of my spouse, submit to the relevant office the winning UltraMegaZillions lottery ticket. Afterward, I would never be able to relive the thrill of the moment I first learned that I was wealthy as Croesus. However, I’d still be able to purchase lots of goods and services that between them would serve in some measure to assuage the loss of that exquisite episode as experienced. So yeah, I’d take that admittedly implausible hypothetical.


*My scenario would certainly count as the most “amazing” day of the approximately 25K of these passed to date. You didn’t say “happiest” or any of a raft of other possible adjectives.
New This is sounding like you really enjoy narcotics and you didn't realize that in the past
Remember, I'm a state labeled addict. I've gone through drug court so my life is always subject to analysis.

So basically you're saying you've experienced these high-end drugs and found that they provide you comfort. I had the same procedure you had done while I was on drug court so I had to get them to list every medication they put in my body. Then I did a deep analysis of everything because most of them could have just sent me back to jail if my probation officer did not like me that week. It was some high tense situation where I had to tell the anesthesiologist that he wasn't allowed to give me certain drugs and he told me to f*** off he'll do anything he damn well pleases and when I was done I had to go tell my probation officer that I had just done fentanyl.
New Well, I’ve had two doses of happy juice now
…first time when they reamed out the cardiac plumbing five years ago, and now for this. I would say “impressed” rather than “enjoyed,” since as drook has observed, the high itself, experienced in real time, was prevented from reaching the memory registers.

Should I ever have occasion to “do” fentanyl again, I’d like the dosage and delivery to be overseen in a clinical setting by someone who does this for a living and has a credential to prove it, because I seem to recall reading of some high-profile suboptimal results when it’s been administered or self-administered by amateurs.

New Well no s***. Euphoria that can kill you.
Every time I've ever had a state-sponsored shot that I enjoyed I realized that if I attempted to do this on my own it could kill me. There was a time when I had a dislocated shoulder. They gave me drugs that allowed me not to freak out when they shoved my shoulder back in. Then I asked them if I could have a cigarette. They said have your cigarette here. While I was smoking my cigarette I made annoying comments to people walking in. I was inappropriate. So the emergency room personnel shot me up with a narcotics antagonist to make me less of an a******. My pain level shot up but I knew it was no longer commenting on the people as they walked into the emergency room. It worked out for everyone except me. That moment sucked.
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         It's a shitty job, but somebody's gotta do it... - (InThane)
         They need the drugs for the prep - (malraux) - (1)
             I saw what you did there. -NT - (rcareaga)
         at least you will have personal proof that there isnt 50lbs of rancid fat in yer colon -NT - (boxley)
         Good title - (crazy)
         Best of luck - (pwhysall) - (1)
             With a pencil?? - (rcareaga)
         :-( Good luck!! -NT - (Another Scott)
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             I don't understand the value of drugs that you don't remember the trip -NT - (drook) - (8)
                 Re: I don't understand the value of drugs that you don't remember the trip - (rcareaga) - (7)
                     For a medical procedure, sure - (drook) - (5)
                         Depends - (rcareaga) - (3)
                             This is sounding like you really enjoy narcotics and you didn't realize that in the past - (crazy) - (2)
                                 Well, I’ve had two doses of happy juice now - (rcareaga) - (1)
                                     Well no s***. Euphoria that can kill you. - (crazy)
                         perhaps those who choose that method of recreation is to escape the horror of the present - (boxley)
                     M wants to travel to CA. - (crazy)
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             Woot! Working plumbing is very important!! -NT - (Another Scott)
             All’s well when the end's well -NT - (drook)
             And, you're apparently well-ended! - (malraux)
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             :)! -NT - (a6l6e6x)

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