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New With you there..
My 'dossier' zeroes in on just that and it's chock-full of actual names of a variety of Tools as comprise this particular Tool KIt ... granularity; included within the sub-sets you see: when yo rotate that tiny triangle "for more info".
Fun stuff, sleuthing--if you really try to do its Right. And succeed.

Boolean has its Uses ... even in real-Science, where Logic Rules {too}.

Tally Ho --->

(Response to above, on Console--immediately after above part of post

3/10/21 1:04:44.247 AM cdpd[1043]: Calling SOSCCView for view Passwords reported device is NOT A MEMBER - (error: (null))
3/10/21 1:04:44.248 AM com.apple.iCloudHelper[76611]: User-visible keychain sync status is DISABLED

..and so it ---> Goes, still, despite recent small repairs.

Semper Fi, y'all.
Expand Edited by Ashton March 10, 2021, 04:12:49 AM EST
New What toolkit?
You've run an intrusion detection tool such as MalwareBytes, and it's given you a name, right?
New Made me look...
Calling SOSCCView for view Passwords reported device is NOT A MEMBER

Hmm... Discussions.Apple:

Unless you are having problems with your computer, Console messages can be ignored.

Ok, that's not a very helpful answer. Let's see...


Oh, and forgot to add, to rule out third party software issues, try Safe Booting and running the machine. Compare that to what it does currently. If it behaves differently, that's a big clue that software is the culprit.

For further non-destructive troubleshooting, try making a new test user account. Log into that account, and run some apps. Compare performance to your regular account. If it is noticeably better, that points to a user-space issue. Helps to rule out (or confirm) system-wide issues...either hardware or software.

HTH a little. Good luck!

And let us know if MalwareBytes finds anything, please. Thanks.

New Though, if you don't know what you're looking for...
... or even if you're looking in the right place, then you do have to be prepared to admit when you're looking at 100% useless shit.

I work with apps that need logging but it frequently gets mixed in with logging from libraries my app is including so am very familiar with swimming through the shit in search of gold.

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