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New Tales from the far side vol 2

Larson unleashed. His comic is a single panel. He is a master of telling you everything at once and you need to know nothing but. This is incredibly constraining. On the other hand with the animation he actually has time to do plot and character development. The dogs versus cats was cheating but the rest of it was incredible.
New Also - New Stuff
new single panel cartoons
New Oh my, he went political
I don't recall a political Far Side, do you?
New No, I don't either.
     Tales from the far side vol 2 - (crazy) - (4)
         Also - New Stuff - (scoenye) - (2)
             Oh my, he went political - (crazy) - (1)
                 No, I don't either. -NT - (scoenye)
         And this is practically a far side comic come to life - (crazy)

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