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New I'd never heard of him until I moved to Indiana in 1986.
I was working in a golf shop and a co-worker who became (and still is) one of my closest friends mentioned him. Smiling snarkily, he'd often say, "Well, you know what Rush says?" and then grin like a Cheshire cat. The joke was entirely lost on me. After a few weeks of this I asked him, "Who is this "Rush" character you keep referring to?" He was astounded I had not heard of him and quickly informed me to which local AM station I should tune. One show (actually no more than ten minutes of a show) was enough. The next time I worked with my friend I said, "Jesus Christ, xxxx! What the hell is that?" He laughed quite hard for a few minutes and then looked around and whispered, "He's the guy most of the people you meet up here listen to daily and believe every word." I again thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Every future Medal of Freedom candidate should refuse to accept it.

It's mourning in America again.
New He wasn't joking but those people were hiding.
As we now see there are 75 million Americans who align themselves with certain thought processes that we previously thought were dying? Did we? Did we think we would grow out of those attitudes and opinions? Nope. Actually yep, we had a certain level of confidence that as a civilization we were growing up. But that's not the case.

I thought demographics would win when I thought about it about 20 years ago. Sooner or later those that come up to age and live through whatever will then control their future. I was wrong. those in charge will hold on to as long as possible and screw up the voting with the gerrymandering. There is no demographic win until we get 70% or so. Actual 50 + 1 don't mean s***.

So now we see those people were hiding. They let their true selves be known to a few close individuals but for the most part they kept their mouth shut because it was dangerous to their future, to their position in society, to their standing.

So now we hear about the cancel culture. that simply means that people realize they don't want to be part of other people's poor decisions. So leave me alone and be part of yourself with your craziness and you've been canceled in my spending patterns. The cancel culture is the cornerstone of what allows any culture simply to move forward and to discard s*** it doesn't want anymore. So you can tell this annoys me.

I am not going to survive long enough for the patterns of gerrymandering of the last hundred years to be fixed. I'm going to be dead before it's fixed. But I can see the fixing is happening so I smile a little. It's going to be a while and I will not survive it though.
New "Cancel culture" is just the name they put on boycotts that they don't support

     Rush Limbaugh croaks - (lincoln) - (12)
         just think hard about him during your next bowel movement -NT - (boxley)
         And the world improves. -NT - (a6l6e6x)
         "I will not attend his funeral. But I will write a letter in support of it." -NT - (mmoffitt)
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                 I'd never heard of him until I moved to Indiana in 1986. - (mmoffitt) - (2)
                     He wasn't joking but those people were hiding. - (crazy) - (1)
                         "Cancel culture" is just the name they put on boycotts that they don't support -NT - (drook)

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