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New “This Is How Black People Get Killed”: Dr. Susan Moore Dies of COVID After Decrying Racist Care

Her testimonial ~ three weeks before dying there.
Beautiful Downtown Indianapolis; Indiana again. Amidst multitudes.
(In pain, asking for relief: they were 'treating' /mocking her: as 'an addict')---while aware she was a fucking-MD.
aka If non-white, yer class, profession ain't worth shit either.

Apropos, there's this from Democ. Now--for the flip-side of the bad and ugly.
“The Truth in Black and White”: The Kansas City Star Apologizes for History of Racist Coverage
Expand Edited by Ashton Dec. 31, 2020, 03:57:43 AM EST
New I wonder how much this skews statistics
All the diseases and conditions that have higher mortality rates among minorities, I wonder how much is from people just not getting the treatment they need.

New ✓gmta
Amidst all our known-About but Menace-suppressed iffy-Stats ... some of which--retroactively, we may.. learn more about after 1/20:
as abide your very Question (I share). All are pissed by the recurrent phrases, "of course, these are iffy-Stats" re the dead, maimed,
starving ... such as elude any believable 'stats', as we speak. Chaos will do that via being Normal for the Menace
and his currently-über-Scared traitorous elves
(That Scared-part; I. Love.) It's all cha. cha. cha. til we get real Stats, innit?

Bill Moyers was on Amanpour recently: he of the immortal colloquy on PBS, eons back, with Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth
IMho, this series of conversations aided people to make sense of (the kind of lying, falsifying of the now new-normal) as only a handful
on that medium ever had done by that time on TV--only occasionally Not-dumbed-down.. Hope you've heard
of that brief series; it's gotta be Out There--as both persons spoke never less than eloquently; aka, as real-Adults.

(Hadn't seen Moyers in recent years--he has aged gracefully, and there's no doubt from his latest persona--all the cylinders are still firing).
I thank the neurons/synapses--the sense of that series came-back, immediately).

Carrion. Sometimes it's in forgetting some Good-stuff.
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If you're going to be paranoid, don't stop at half measures.
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