Kos Seems that all the Reports as filter-in: exponentially-improve the Probabilities-next that: we are indeed within that Last mathematical-proof of extinction, that simple
[n!] of, (how Wendy's burger has 1023 possible-forms) But no 1023 Years for Us. Eh?

[. . .]

Antarctica researchers have become alarmed by a new finding that shows sub-glacial lakes under the ic of the Thwaites glacier are draining a significant amount of meltwater to the bedrock under miles thick with ice. Once the lake water reaches the bedrock, it lubricates the glacier enough to create frictional heat at the bed while possibly absorbing additional heat from the West Antarctic Rift System, which is responsible for volcanic activity in the area. Tectonic activity is almost impossible to determine as a source of heat at the bedrock. Still, along with frictional heat, it would melt the ice above the bedrock enough to provide entry for warm ocean water upwelling to further weaken the fragile glacier from below. The satellite data obtained on subglacial lake repeated drainage is another worrisome sign that the glacier will speed up its flow and raise sea levels worldwide. These phenomena are not included in current climate models.

Along with Pine Island glacier, Thwaites will eventually collapse due to our warming climate and take West Antarctica's entirety with it. Extreme melting is driven by warm ocean water and at the last interglacial caused a sea-level rise of three feet in ocean temperatures less than 2C.

[. . .]

On a research cruise in Antarctica, WHOI postdoctoral scientist Peter Kimball helped use the robotic vehicle Jaguar to map the underside of the ice. But the trip was memorable for more than just their success in a harsh environment: "We were stuck in heavy pack ice for nearly two weeks," recalls Kimball. "We couldn't see any open water around the ship, and the ice was just too thick for the ship to break. While we were stuck, this magnificent minke whale broke through a few centimeters of ice in a small lead and was breathing at the hole, right near our ship,

for an entire day." WHOI
{We don't know shit about the IQ of whales--while the literature is rife with their having saved the lives of many--even as we slaughtered them for Japanese delicacies and fucking Lamp Oil: that is the dimension of our species' perpetual iggerant-cruelties--from the beginning. What. If. 'Earth' is the Real-imaginary Hell (of all those man-made
nightmare attributes invented about all those those god-things? Now THAT would be; proof of Cosmic Humor.

There are so many .. sooo unfamilar with big-words about gigantic matters ... who shall never give a Rat'sAss
about hearing even, the 60-second ∑.
So we return to Henrik Willem Van Loon's artful creation of a Visible: the One-mile-cube containing all of
Humanity--cubic closest packed==most already squished? ... and it is finely-balanced at edge of Grand Canyon,
..as a small dog pushes with nose.

We ARE so Fucked, all 9ish Billions [of the most viciously-destructive creature yet ID'd]--on a planet maybe able
to support .?. ~half of that. Had we intended that to be 'Indefinite' rather than '..for a couple more years'.

Condolences, all those with sprogs still in tykehood: should these reach sentience--each one Shall Hate All of us
lemmings--unanimously and with malice-aforethought. Ya don't need a Weatherman to see the Inevitable. Right?