. . OK, I could have made a (very obsolete) funny out of that).

I am attracted to women of most ethnicities, but have some limits on culture and religion. Since my neighborhood has become a Korea Town, I've even come to see Asian women quite favorably.

Social status is not a problem. Weight is a problem only if it's Super Model emaciated or rather obese. Fashion magazine "beautiful", I admit, is a turn-off for me, I prefer women to be more natural.

Well, being in love with her dog is a problem - I'm not into being second in a women's heart. Women are very expensive, emotionally, physically, and economically, so I feel I should be at the top of the heap if I'm making that kind of investment. That, of course, eliminates a very large segment of the pool of single women in my age group.

Much worse, of course, is K, who is totally in love with Possums, and has them wandering around in her home.

Most of the women who have been with me were recovering from bad decisions, but didn't stay long - anxious to get out there and make more bad decisions.

One, who had been a friend from before her first marriage, came to stay with me when she finally left her second husband. She stayed a few months, but told me she was leaving. She said, "You aren't jealous, and you don't try to control me, so I know you don't love me".

What can I say?