In the March 31, 1997 issue of InfoWorld, a controlled-circulation weekly which calls itself "The Voice of Client/Server in the Enterprise," editor-in-chief Sandy Reed announced that OS/2 had won its annual "Readers' Choice" poll which was conducted in January and February of this year. Reed reported that OS/2 had garnered an overwhelming majority of votes cast in the Client, Server and Product of the Year categories, eclipsing its nearest competitors by a margin of more than 6-to-1, and its victory in the Product of the Year category was the fourth in succession.

Editor-in-chief Reed expressed surprise at the results of its poll, and alleged -- without offering any corroborating evidence -- that OS/2's victories in this and preceding years were due to "ballot stuffing" by "OS/2 zealots." This allegation has been greeted with some skepticism, however, which has intensified in the days since her announcement as she has steadfastly and explicitly rejected numerous demands that she provide evidence to support her allegations.


The issue in question.

Dave did an amazing job in trying to fight for OS/2 online, and his summary (in other parts of this thread) are interesting, but he doesn't mention (at least I didn't see it) MS bundling DOS/Windows (the "per processor license agreements"). That probably had the biggest impact on OS/2's outcome. Why pay for OS/2 when Winders was "free"??

And OS/2 2.0 was finicky very early on - I remember spending a few hours trying to install it from about 25 5.25" floppies and the install failing about 2/3 of the way through... They rushed it out the door too early, to try to beat Win 3.1's release. People buying PCs with Winders preinstalled didn't get that joyful experience.