I'm not silly-enough to duel with youse Pros on a philosophical level, but it's still a fact por moi that: That particular 'Windows-Lite' mainly deleted the cruft within the Windoze package ..of advertainment quality [aka Selling stuff ]. It did not alter /attempt-to: replace, patch or maul: OS-guts--unless they lied (yet succeeded, apparently).
Result was: NO Issues occurred--in my 'lite' usage (not tested by all your daily standards, what with calculating eigenfunctions within quantum chromodynamics in the background--hardly available in '98 Doze w/ a side-dish of QEMM in DOS. And no: I didn't perform double-blind boot-ups, With and Without plain-vanilla ..thus Stats.

(I appear to be locked-in to bloody-Apple until: some other Mfg. creates its own H/ware + S/Ware ..more Better.)
This presumes, long-term that the Planet has not become terminally-Fucked via its overload of homo-saps, each year becoming more feral, destructive and plain-fucking-Silly.

PS: There are no undetected errors.

Maybe I should have been born-ded in the days of that iconic photo of All the great physics minds of last-century--standing together. At least, I once saw the aged R. A. Millikan [the oil drop experiment re E/M of the electron, etc.] ..wandering the campus at eventide. But then I'd be dead now so, never mind ;^>.