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New a pleasant surprise
The ability for the DVD Player app to handle the VIDEO_TS convention—a functionality that appeared to have been withdrawn in “Catalina”—looks to have been restored in “Big Sur,” although without a couple of facets I appreciated in the former versions. In other news, the Finder “quick look” feature has been attenuated: where formerly I could, with the touch of a spacebar, summon up a full preview of, for example, a “Pages” word processing document, the attempt now yields up only a thumbnail of the first page. In “TextEdit,” by contrast, the entire document* is available for review. Clearly I’m going to need to get deeper into the weeds.


*Quick look has always had its limitations. Here on Big Cheese (High Sierra) the Finder/spacebar will work its magic on Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files, but not on InDesign (.indd).
New and an irritant
This proves to be peculiar not to the M1 series alone, but to the notebooks Apple has manufactured ever since it voted USB 2 off the island: I purchased a little accessory that affixes limpet-like to the two Thunderbolt/USB 4.0 ports on the left side of the computer, and, on the other side, yields up a Thunderbolt port, three USB 2.0-compatible ports and two card reader. Works like a charm except…it kills the WiFi. Since the internet connection had behaved flawlessly until the first time I mounted the device, and since I took the trouble to ascertain that my dodgy service had not gone down, as it is prone to, mere minutes were required to isolate the problem, which subsequent online inquiries indicate to be a “known issue,” and one which Apple, with its lofty disregard for these things (Bah! Why are you people even bothering with these deprecated technologies?), leaves perplexed users to discuss in the company’s forums, not deigning to weigh in.

Not a dealbreaker but, as I say, a minor irritant.

New Apple never seems to respond to anything on their user pages.
They're not alone there, unsurprisingly. (Our local NPR station has fancy web pages, but want people to respond via T or FB or IG and ignore web comments on their own site!)

They'll probably fix it sometime, but you'll be wondering if that's true or not...

Good luck!

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I had to wonder. What does a Drag Sheep wear? Wolf's clothing?
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