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New Any good way to get a list of what to reinstall?
I'm about to upgrade an old laptop from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 10. This requires a clean install. I've got an external USB hard drive with enough capacity for the new install media and to back up whatever I need.

What I'm looking for is a way to reinstall everything I've downloaded on the current one to the new system. I don't mind downloading all new install media, I'm just trying to get a list of everything I've installed that isn't part of Windows so I can get it all set up in one go.

Does anything like this exist?

New grab a copy of something like KC Software SuMO
Use that list.
New Looks good, thanks

New This reminds of--olden daze ~"Windows-Lite"
That bitchin utility which enabled moi to do a clean-install of then, W-98 freed of all the cruft scattered about the bloody factory disk.

No idea if there's a modern equivalent, but I'd certainly look for one, given my experience: a Doze-Lite install which never Crashed
/needing nothing of 'fixes' over ~8 years of daily (simple) use. 'Course W-10 is a whole new basket of annoyances,
about which I know nada. But wherever are the LIte-folk now? I salute thee!
"Is there a "Windows LIte" for Windows 10?" on Google gives an idea that This Idea/ maybe program.. exists still--but I deigned
to peruse further. It seems that there are 'light' variants--even within Doze 10--but needing some finicky /formerly-Paid! BS from BS-HQ..
There's also this (I may have to do such re a friend's Doze ancient laptop.. but she's Rich--so shall aim her at an M-Apple
I may get to audition. Instead. :-)
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New I'm keeping this handy

I'll start with the basic install and see how it runs before I bother with a more detailed installation.

New But why tho?
Every time I've investigated one of those "lite" things, it turns out that they basically break more than they fix, all in the name of removing "bloat"*.

If security is your issue, there are better ways of reducing your attack surface** and improving your security posture*** than deliberately breaking the host operating system.

The whole Windows Lite thing ends up religiously serving the Great God Bloat Removal* - it's reminiscent of the olden days on OS X, where every troubleshooting process started with "zap the PRAM!", even though the PRAM was involved in only a very tiny subset of Mac problems, and unnecessarily zapping it would reset a bunch of stuff you'd rather not reset if you didn't have to.

*One man's bloat is another man's essential feature! See: any large software product that's on general sale.

**Uninstall programs and features you don't need, turn off networking features you don't need, don't open your firewall to the world, etc.

***Good internet hygiene, solid ad-blocker, don't install sketchy browser extensions or software, keep your browser and OS up-to-date including the built-in security features, don't use public wifi for anything important. Ya know. The usual.
New Well.. Liff Was simpler in (my) Win98 days, for one.
I'm not silly-enough to duel with youse Pros on a philosophical level, but it's still a fact por moi that: That particular 'Windows-Lite' mainly deleted the cruft within the Windoze package ..of advertainment quality [aka Selling stuff ]. It did not alter /attempt-to: replace, patch or maul: OS-guts--unless they lied (yet succeeded, apparently).
Result was: NO Issues occurred--in my 'lite' usage (not tested by all your daily standards, what with calculating eigenfunctions within quantum chromodynamics in the background--hardly available in '98 Doze w/ a side-dish of QEMM in DOS. And no: I didn't perform double-blind boot-ups, With and Without plain-vanilla ..thus Stats.

(I appear to be locked-in to bloody-Apple until: some other Mfg. creates its own H/ware + S/Ware ..more Better.)
This presumes, long-term that the Planet has not become terminally-Fucked via its overload of homo-saps, each year becoming more feral, destructive and plain-fucking-Silly.

PS: There are no undetected errors.

Maybe I should have been born-ded in the days of that iconic photo of All the great physics minds of last-century--standing together. At least, I once saw the aged R. A. Millikan [the oil drop experiment re E/M of the electron, etc.] ..wandering the campus at eventide. But then I'd be dead now so, never mind ;^>.

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                 Well.. Liff Was simpler in (my) Win98 days, for one. - (Ashton)

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