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New the Night Watch
Apple really sucks when it comes to proper testing before an IOS upgrade is released.
We used to say the same thing about Volkswagen, back before people started saying much worse things about them. The purchaser of a Beetle was the product tester.

The spousette was having a similar problem with power drain on her Series 2. We unpaired/paired anew (an irritating and time-consuming process), which appears to have fixed it. My Series 3 claimed it didn’t have the capacity for the last system update, and here again I did the unpair thing, which apparently removed a lot of invisible cruft.

I was perfectly happy with my old Timex, but the A-Watch was a gift from SWMBO a couple of years ago. I’ve come to rely on, or at least appreciate many of its functions, including the activity tracker, but I wish the thing would just give me the numbers and not try to be a goddamn life coach: “You crushed it yesterday, Rand! What’s in store today?” And of course, I’ve “closed my rings” for five hundred consecutive days and change, and dread the eventual day when, inevitably, I break the sequence. “You loser!” the watch will snarl. “You weak, contemptible loser! I don’t know why I even bother tracking you.”

New Thanks. THIS is succinctly why..
I've eschewd-in-advance ANY Talking /Listening-24/7 (and spreading-around the data) to $$$-mongers worldwide (without Paying Me, even)
Including WiFi--no networks here--though if a friend's laptop is handy ..maybe indulge some coffee-house WiFi just for shits & giggles.
(It's not. as. if. we hadn't been Warned ..via every dystopian screed extant, even in our childhood)

Carrion ..it's the opposite of Silence is Golden, writ-Large.
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