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New Actually, corned beef is not Irish.
It would have been waaaay too expensive.

Irish refugees in Canada and the U.S. found that beef was very economical here, so they adopted a version of the New England Boiled Dinner, including corned beef and cabbage.

Corned beef and Cabbage wasn't served in Ireland until a few decades ago, when some restaurants and then some pubs started serving it due to demand by the tourist trade.

Same with the St. Paddy's day celebration, which was purely Canadian-American. The only way it was recognized in Ireland was that the pubs were closed. Once again, the tourist trade won.

Of course, the Irish were not upset about a foreign influence that enabled more drinking.
New Creativity.. the Mo-fo of Invention; don't MT fridge without it.
My as-yet-unNamed gastronomic creation employs the 'faux-crab' source (of thus--given the 'faux-': Meatless). Too.
Chop-fine: bread n'butter pickles (need the sweet, the vinegar), chop red bell pepper, also celery (crunch), and yess:
diced avocado + a bit of mayo*, [any other crunchies; maybe pecans toasted?] Stir. Serve.
* make yer own variant .. for the piẻce de la resistance!

(And yes, I too was surprised that the confluence of texture, flavorings ... it's ... not-Bad, though I be biased)
And, as with the case of Vengeance!..it is a dish best eaten Cold.

Mayhap I shall start my own Grommet Cafe, call it Cloven-hoof Garden ... and in 50 years catch up with your opera-[is-the-plural of opus].
(And were I still around--already I'd be a National Curiosity as in), When!? is that fucker gonna just die and get it over with!..

;^> Ho.. Ho.. H-Ho..
PS: I subscribe to the 'lesser-Evil' self-delusion that: 'fish' are deemed bereft of any 'emotional center'--surely still just a w.a.g. in the white-coated 'researchers' imaginining they Know. Whereas: swine--tarred with the insult of being ..well Swine! in biped-speak--are joined by chickens: note that these (and many others) also become Pets and ..pigs are famously Smart in many ways. (I eschew farting-beef for the obvious Two sane reasons there).

So I'll eat. fish. with aplomb ..but evade critters who could-become-Pets. On General principle, (aside from daily hypocrisies still employed) . Goats are off-list too: a tale went the rounds of one such becoming the daily eyes for a blind horse.. over decades. Ya don't get that level of Caring amidst many current homo-saps*, per The News.
* Ugghh-they're filthy inside
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                 And when St. Paddy's Day falls on a Friday, corned beef becomes fish -NT - (drook) - (2)
                     Actually, corned beef is not Irish. - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                         Creativity.. the Mo-fo of Invention; don't MT fridge without it. - (Ashton)

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