when my tether was via local Library connection on dial-up, quite before Pictures happened! with ..w.t.f. was that, 'Mosaic? maybe, where the B&W-text-Only
..vanished forever on one's Color monitor, mine snagged for a song at a local swap-meet: a re-branded 'Power Computing' hi-res $600 weighty monolith
(when that was Real-money) gotten for something under $200--in cash at such places.

(I do so recall firing up the first iMac (early-09 model 20")--on dial-up! w a t c h i n g the bytes creep in, via a cute tiny Apple-modem, lent via neighbor.
Thence after a few days, ugly-Corp. Comcast (but Fast!).

tl;dr then:

Twenty-five Years !!! ... n Centuries in blogosphere parsecs.