(i made-up my 'IT-resumẻ'- chops, etc.) Was in it because it seemed to me--pre-Sandy or maybe not--that IW did indeed hunt about for the latest,
potentially greatest y.a.n.-Boolean-construct from which to spawn, perhaps-next: a truly State-of-Art Useable small 'computer-thing', maybe á lá HAL-9001 [??]
Still Waiting on that: Voice! via decoded Vulcan mind-meld 'twixt the Machine et moi. Is that too much to ask?

Having punched cards for the CDC-6600 (?) re assembly-language for the accelerator's First-ever magnetic-field controller, our new $20K jewel, PDP-8:
I had passed Test-1 when the local Programmer-in-Chief handed moi that oily yellow bcd-encoded paper tape, with: ~"OK, create a [Octal, yet!] tape
to print out this data on the ASR-tty". My first proof that: computers are indeed utterly-mindless, such that every character demands an agonizingly verbose set
--just. to. print. a fucking--Character (!) But I digress, just like such silly-Code forever does.