(To grok to fullnesss: the Math, Stats and Physics [er, 'granularly'] demands at least a triple-PhD in jelloware, veritably or at least functionally.

Marvelled at the clever graphics as didn't dumb-down the Raasons why: the 'EPR Paradox' has curdled any -q.e.d.- Answer until:
the Techno permitting Experimentation (!)
..finally came about.

Nova deserves its very-own Nobel for--all along--producing such masterful, illuminating coverage of so much since its inception.
PBS deserves regular Fed-funding forever: if 'ever' we are going to find the mental-guts to ignore the mouth-breathers of all stripes
(while demonstrating to a fare-thee-Well: Why they Suck).

Dsepite Drumpfism: Bipeds still can THINK. May the Menace R.I.P. [R=rot] [P=in Perpetuity]