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New Dunno.
(I haven't searched for or read about that term, specifically.)

There are a wide variety of tools that claim to effectively clean out disk storage.

E.g. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208496

There's nothing nefarious about using such things - it's recommended practice before, e.g., giving away or recycling computers and storage.

HTH a little.

New ..aware [How] you CAN; DID THEY do near -enough ∑ damage ??? ..we await-still, finding out.
New Ah.
I misunderstood.

Donnie and his people have certainly tried to break all the datakeeping rules, etc. I assume that it's mostly been via his eating of notes from meetings, staying off official electronic channels when he can, giving orders with a wink and a nod, etc. But they're only a small cadre of people. Millions work for the federal government and have to follow the rules.

We'll see, eventually. (Lots of stuff doesn't get released for decades...)

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