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New Sure do
In case you have the urge to toss your entertainment system out the window at the end of the final episode: there was a movie made sometime later that buttons everything up but it doesn't quite do the series justice.
New Well now you've filed me with a sense of dread
Just looked it up. The wrap-up was the miniseries titled "The Peacekeeper Wars" and Prime has that as the final 2 episodes of season 4.


Just watched the original season 4 finale. Did they know when they tagged it "To be continued" that they'd been cancelled?

And yeah, I'd have been *pissed* if that was the last episode and then they cancelled it.

It's been 16 years since I would have watched it, but I'm pretty sure I remember that scene. There have been moments in this season where I knew what was coming, but there was only one moment in episode 3 that felt familiar until that last scene.

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New They knew it was cancelled
News broke sometime during season 4. It was the early days of the public internet and that was one of the first things setting it alight.

I don't remember the SciFi original ending in "to be continued". That may have been a retroactive addition, after the decision to make The Peacekeeper Wars had been made. (But then again, it was indeedd 16 year ago...)
New Finished it tonight
The first scene with the CGI Rygel swimming was embarrassing. Worse than the digital Yoda lightsaber duel.

As for the ending, their Deus ex Machina was showing. [spoilers ahead ... do we still need to say that 16 years on?] If neither side really wanted to stop fighting, and the only thing stopping them for now was the immediate thread of the wormhole, then what's to keep them from just killing Chriton and getting back to their war?

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