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New Well, here’s how Hoover remembered it in 2002
Well, he’s a real hero in my book. I knew him intimately. In his book, he wrote a lot about us, our togetherness. I was selected to fly the [Bell] X–1 before him! Of all the people I’ve ever known—you could not have done better than Chuck—the best aviator I’ve ever flown with, that’s a true statement. The feelings run deep, so does the admiration. I can assure you the success of that program (the X–1) could not have been any better accomplished than it was with Chuck at the controls. He’s the best aviator I’ve ever flown with. Great friendship, great admiration.
Source here.

I really enjoyed Robert Hoover as the nervous frat president in Animal House.

New Hoover was a first class guy. No way he'd steal thunder from anybody, let alone Yeager.
It doesn't change the fact that Yeager was a lucky prick.

It's mourning in America again.
     97-yo Chuck Yeager /Test Pilot! buys the ranch.. - (Ashton) - (35)
         I don't recall ... link to a story? -NT - (drook) - (14)
             Here's a link to NY Times. - (a6l6e6x) - (13)
                 Me too.. I mean, it's sorta like a guy who's a Food-Taster - (Ashton) - (12)
                     I mean the story of pushing down on the stick to go up, never heard that -NT - (drook) - (11)
                         It's about the ~'reversal of the aerodynamics' of a conventional wing design on/near Mach(o?) 1 - (Ashton) - (9)
                             I imagine the sensation is like when you become conscious of countersteering a bike -NT - (drook) - (6)
                                 Nice catch--two-wheel dynamics oft seem *perverse* - (Ashton)
                                 now you've added something else to my consciousness - (crazy) - (4)
                                     No, now you're *aware* of it - (drook) - (1)
                                         Perzackly..! drook wins the Clarity award. Again. - (Ashton)
                                     It works a lot better if you're conscious of it - (scoenye) - (1)
                                         Quite so.. and IMhO, best place to learn: in the dirt, on a small man-handleable machine (also Fun) - (Ashton)
                             Yes, sound barrier screws up aerodynamics. - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                                 Luftwaffe -46: - (CRConrad)
                         What, never seen "Cars"? Chuck must'a been Doc Hudson: - (CRConrad)
         Anyone who enjoys yarns about pilots - (rcareaga) - (14)
             I'm sure you've read this story before, but have you ever heard it told by the pilot? - (drook) - (1)
                 That was Mach-2 Fun! (we all were paying the gas bill, though) - (Ashton)
             Who here has flown? I had one introduction class. - (crazy) - (11)
                 PPSEL. N7522T is my Cessna 172A. - (mmoffitt) - (9)
                     Thanks: myth killed by (likely) Truthiness, aka Be an iconoclast! ..wherever it's important :-) -NT - (Ashton)
                     Well, here’s how Hoover remembered it in 2002 - (rcareaga) - (1)
                         Hoover was a first class guy. No way he'd steal thunder from anybody, let alone Yeager. - (mmoffitt)
                     I don't remember anything about Hoover, nor much about Yeager. - (Another Scott) - (5)
                         Check this out. Short clip of one of Bob's most famous maneuvers. - (mmoffitt) - (4)
                             Nice parlor trick. Thanks. - (Another Scott) - (2)
                                 My father told me a guy he flew with did tricks like that with a pen - (drook) - (1)
                                     I like to make a sheet of paper heavy. - (mmoffitt)
                             Were there a Nobel for achieving Perfection, reliably-every-time: this über-Mensch deserves a Statue - (Ashton)
                 Gliders here. Touch & go is generally frowned upon with those ;-) -NT - (scoenye)
         I'll not shed a tear. - (mmoffitt) - (4)
             I thought you *hated* Airbus? -NT - (rcareaga) - (3)
                 I don't hate them. I just don't let anyone I know fly on them. - (mmoffitt) - (2)
                     Perhaps his people-talents echo those of The Menace - (Ashton)
                     Meh. - (rcareaga)

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